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Reset and Restarted with New Session 2021-22

We started again today, as per the plan we charted out. Assemblies, classes, discussions activities—everything started. Though it was more of an ice breaker, had discussions on different platforms that can make learning more interactive and interesting. The last session was successful in spite of the pandemic. But we are making it even better this time. We can do it because we are in a better position now, having learnt from past experience. 

In the past session, as online teaching was a novel experience for us, we used screen sharing as the principal way to interact with learners. This time there will be more of idea sharing sessions than screen sharing. Learners will collaborate, speak out their minds on child-safe platforms and interact with educators. This has become possible as many software platforms came into the market generated by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. One of these platforms is Edpuzzle, using which learners will be able to answer questions inbuilt into videos. They may not skip the video unless they answer the questions. 

Then we have Wakelet, which will make collaboration, discussion and sharing easier. Learners can be as creative as they want about the topic in question. In fact, they may have their own Wakelet collection and show to the world how they work. They may post videos, write notes, upload their own drawings/paintings. In short, they may paint the walls in their colour and make lessons spring out from the pages.

Yes, the coronavirus has put limitations on us. But, we have found a way around it. We will do well—no, not well, but better—this time. Corona or no-corona, online or offline, we will blaze a new trail. The only requirement—we should be healthy to work, and give our best.

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