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Revive your Spirit with Meditation & Yoga

We’ve always been fascinated by the extreme feats of physical endurance yoga and martial art practitioners can achieve. Contorting the body to fit in a small box, bending iron rods by pressing it against the neck, or standing long hours in meditation on one leg are some achievements that amaze us. When we have something so powerful to keep our bodies and minds in perfect health, why not learn it and practice daily to keep fit? We need not bend iron bars or break bricks but at least we may remain at our peak condition. We may be able to extend our youth to our fifties and even the sixties. It is believed that doing mayurasana will make you so strong that you can digest poison, while bhramari calms your mind and sheetali beats the heat. Try them, but don't try poison after doing mayurasana, thinking that you're immune.

To have our learners understand and have a first-hand experience of the benefits of yoga, a three-day workshop on yoga was held at GGS under the guidance of expert yoga mentors Dr. Manisha Gupta, Ms. Shyamal Bhagwati and Mr. Mehul Keshwani. The sessions were held online involving all the learners and educators of the school. While one may practice these poses at home, doing them safely is of paramount importance. Do a move wrong, or push yourself beyond the limit, you may harm yourself instead of getting yourself a fit and agile body.

That is the reason experts were called in. They demonstrated how a pose should be maintained and for how long. The breathing exercises need extra care because in them lies the secret to good health and bad. If you do them wrong, you may feel more stressed than calm. You may even put on weight and develop constipation after a badly done yoga session.

The experts guided us through all the details of a safe exercise regime, making our learners and educators want to do it more. If they do it right, they will definitely be healthier than before.

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