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Role of Educators in New Normal

Change is inevitable, but when the change is abrupt, managing it becomes a challenge. Bringing in new infrastructure, inculcating new attitudes, using new technologies and changing techniques have to be done overnight, stressing the limits of resources. But adapt we must. It doesn't matter it is fast or it is slow. After the pandemic, drastic changes have taken place in the workplace, schools and businesses.

To show our educators how they can cope up with the changes, we invited Dr. Meghna Dangi of Auro University to conduct a workshop. She is currently working in the capacity of a professor in the department of finance. She showed educators how to incorporate different principles and digital resources.

She stressed the need for activity based learning as we retain knowledge when we do more rather than listen passively. She shared her expertise accumulated over a period of fifteen years. She emphasized the need for the teacher to be a part of the teaching-learning process instead of being the sage on stage. We need to be the wind beneath the wings of our learners.

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