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Role reversal: Learners as Educators

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Celebrating Teachers’ Day today, learners of GGS played their teachers’ roles and managed classes during the school hours. The day began with the customary greeting of teachers followed by the commencement of classes. Mothers of prep learners visited the school too. They were invited to be in the educator’s position and relieved educators of their duties for the day, it being their day. In the higher grades, learners stood up for their educators.

The day ended with a cultural programme in honour and appreciation of the countless teachers who have affected our lives, directly or indirectly, now and before. In our journey up to this point, we have borrowed from these influencers. In the days to come, we will still be indebted to them, because we are what we are because they made things easy for us when we were taking baby steps. The programme included games which were arranged for teachers arranged by the learners of the school. The programme infused energy and enthusiasm in the teachers.

So Happy Teacher’s Day.

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