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Sanskrit: A Six-thousand-year-old Language

Many would unquestioningly agree that it’s Sanskrit is one of the sweetest languages of the world. It is the language in which two of the world’s greatest epics have been written. While many may say our claim is clouded by nationalism, a patient listening of hymns and shlokas will allay all doubts. A six-thousand-year-old language, no one can miss its music and rhythm. In fact, many languages like Hindi, Marathi, Kashmiri and Oriya originated from Sanskrit. To celebrate this sweet language, learners of the school conducted a special assembly in Sanskrit. Patriotic songs, prayers and dance steps reverberated in the assembly zone. It began with a sloka followed by a patriotic song in Sanskrit. Learners talked about it importance and rich history. To top it all, a young dancer performed Bharat Natyam to a Sanskrit song.

A shloka competition immediately followed the special assembly. Young learners memorized the difficult verses and showed their mastery of the language. GGS observed the day to recall and remember the rich heritage India has. As part of our policy to raise culturally proud and aware generation, we regularly organised such celebrations at school.

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