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Science in Everyday Life

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Learners of GGS today recalled CV Raman’s discovery of the Raman Effect by doing a live demo of various science exhibits, models and optical devices. The demonstration showed how ordinary objects lying about us can be put together to make something useful. The miniature models explained how real life objects work.

Jemil Vaghela and Mann Patel of grade 9th stole the show with their demonstration of revealing finger prints using commonly iodine fumes. Pruvil Dethaliya of grade 8th presented entertained everyone with his periscope by making laser light reflect out at a right angle through the objective mirror. Ipshita Singh of the same grade showed how the power of air pressure may be harnessed to generate energy by making a bottle filled with water shoot up.

Rutu Khunt and Saumya Joshi of grade 8th made a thermos flask wrapping aluminium foil and newspaper around a plastic bottle. This idea can be handy for those who work in public transport and drive for long hours.

Grade 6th learner Saket Merai demonstrated a cools display of sparks with a Tesla coil while Suhani Parihar of the same grade showed how a dehumidifier works and maintains humidity at the optimum. Using Devashree’s self-watering pot, one may automate gardening to a large extent and by using Sakshi and Tejas’ waste management ideas can help keep the air clean.

The demonstrations of everyday objects used with a bit of innovation and a few wires and switches, can make science amazing and easily understandable.

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