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Setting the Ground for IIMUN

The assembly ground today echoed with the opinions, arguments, and counter-arguments of delegates and executive board members of the upcoming IIMUN conference that is commencing from 22 through 24 April in Surat the proud host of which is GGS this time. Today's session was in preparation for this mega event that takes place every year throughout the country. Notable personalities and experts in their own fields grace the events with their presence to motivate young learners and future leaders who can bring about a positive change in the polity.

Today’s mock session was held to give learners hands-on training for what is to come on the day the event is starting. All the delegates and executive body members rehearsed the moves and steps that will lead to the successful conduct of the event. Being the host, our learners have a bigger responsibility for which they readied themselves.

The mock session had all the props and settings that learners are likely to encounter in the actual IIMUN conference. They went through the drill multiple times to make sure the session goes in a smooth manner.

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