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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The importance of leisure to our physical and

mental health cannot be overstated. In addition to reviving our drained senses and muscles and refreshing the mind for mental acuity, it aids in reflection on lessons learned. So we thought that our young students would get some entertainment by viewing a movie because we had just completed our half-yearly examination. And today is National Cinema Day—what could be a better way to celebrate the day?

For our students in kindergarten through fifth grade, we scheduled a screening of a popular film. And you couldn't be more mistaken if you believe that we just projected the movies in the classroom. We went the whole mile by printing tickets, affixing labels to chairs, and setting up a makeshift theater in the school to create an authentic environment. With fake money, of course, students purchased tickets at pretend counters and lined up to enter the hall. They were instructed to take their assigned seats only when they arrived so that they would know how to behave in a public setting.

The exercise assisted students in putting numbers into concrete form. The use of fake currency notes was very helpful since it gave numbers a more tangible meaning. It also exercised their listening skills as they had to listen to instructions to maintain order. And finally, the movie itself provided some exercise to their English language learning skills.

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