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Sign Language Workshop @GGS

Experts say picking up a new skill or learning a new language can help you remain active, alert and young. Apart from helping you communicate better, learning a new language exercises your brain muscles sharpening it. Be it French, Spanish, Japanese, braille or sign language. Yes sign language. Learning it forces you to think and memories those myriad signs keeping you fit and alert.

There’s another great benefit: using hand symbols and gestures you will be able to reach out to those who are not gifted with the faculties of speech and hearing. By learning to communicate in their language, you can show that you care and love without discrimination. Sensitivity and inclusivity being two of the many hallmarks of effective education, we invited Ms. Shambhavi Thite to conduct a seminar on sign language. We thought learning a language to reach out to the heart will help inculcate these two qualities in our learners.

The speakers showed learners how learning this new language can land them in unconventional career options. In fact, there are special news channels for the deaf and the mute to keep track of the happenings around them in the world.

Moreover, if you have noticed, at TedEx seminars, a sign language interpreter translates the speaker’s speech in real time, helping everyone to absorb the information and knowledge shared. We believe that young children will be motivated enough to make sign language a part of their skill repertoire.

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