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Skill Development Program @GGS

With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, educational qualifications are no longer the ticket to a good job. New-age employers like Google, Amazon, and Facebook no longer ask about your qualifications. Rather, they ask you what you can do. For a company, the bottom line is everything. They want to know how you may contribute to the rise of the bottom line.

That is where skill-building comes in. Even after you have got yourself a job, you need to constantly update your skills to remain relevant and indispensable. To cater to the growing demand for new-age skills like AI, web services, app development, online gaming, and the like, IBM and the CBSE have come together to impart these skills to school children, free of cost.

At Gajera Global School, we also have started this program for the benefit of our learners. The biggest advantage of these courses is that learners can do them online at home at their leisure. Besides, the best performers may get internships at IBM. Mr Abhishek Mahendra from IBM joined us over Zoom to inform our learners about the courses and benefits available.

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