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Wild Life Conservation Day

Wild creatures and plants have inherent worth and contribute to the ecological, genetic, social,economic, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational, and aesthetic facets of human well-being as well as sustainable development.

World Wildlife Day is an occasion to recognise the many exquisite and distinctive species of wild wildlife and flora as well as to spread awareness of the many advantages that people can derive from their conservation. The Day also serves as a timely reminder that we must do more to combat wildlife crime and species extinctions brought on by humans, both of which have significant negative effects on the economy, the environment, and society. Goal 15 of the Sustainable Development Agenda is to stop biodiversity loss because of these numerous harmful effects.

To demonstrate how every species contributes to biodiversity and the earth’s health, young learners at GGS joined a session in which they learnt about varieties of snakes that inhabit the areas in and around Surat. The activity was held to show them how to distinguish between venomous and non-venomous snakes. The session was meant to develop sensitivity toward this misunderstood species. We hope this kind of sessions will nurture a generation of sensitive citizens.

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