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Start Small

If you want to achieve a goal, start small with small meaningful steps. So if reversing climate change is your goal, start by keeping the AC off for an extra hour; start by reusing and recycling paper and clothes that you intend to throw away; start by keeping the taps off when not needed. These small contributions can make a vast difference when the members of an entire community come together.

On World Conservation Day today, learners highlighted the importance of small steps such as these in the special assembly. Learners explained the need through a mime by our learners. The act was moving enough for all to feel motivated to help towards making a difference. As part of the celebration, the Green Educator showed how a one-degree increase in the temperature can melt the ice in Antarctica and the Arctic region.

Later in the assembly learners of the prep grades turned old tee shirts into bags. Bags like this can replace the polythene carry bags that we all use without a second thought. Now that the government of Gujarat has banned the use of plastic bags, our old tees and trousers can really come in handy. With baby steps like these, we will surely make a big impact one day.

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