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Summer vacation is one of the most awaited breaks for the learners. Learners are rejoicing for the start of the summer holidays. It’s goodbye to early morning routines and hello to free time. It is a much-needed break as they have worked throughout the session and needed relief from studies and homework. While it’s good to have some fun but learners can utilize this time to enhance their skills. Summer vacation is an excellent opportunity for learners to gain knowledge. Here are some tips for a relaxing summer holiday.

1)SKILL LEARNING- Mastering a new skill requires practice patience and lots of free time. However young learners learn a lot faster than adults. That’s why summer vacation can be a golden opportunity for the learners to learn a new skill of their choice. With an ample amount of time in hand they get to concentrate on things, they couldn’t do during their usual routine.

2)INCULATE HABIT OF READING – Summer vacations are an excellent time to encourage a passion for reading in the learners. A habit of reading will not only help them in academic growth but it improves their self-esteem, teaches them values, and also help them understand the world.

3)EXPERIMENT – Learners are creative geniuses & love to experiment with different things. Summer holidays are the best time to give them the freedom to explore & experiment with various things.

4) TRAVEL- Travelling can provide huge benefits while things might look a little different this summer, getting away to a new place, culture or country can be invaluable in helping you relax. It could provide you with the learning experience and knowledge.

5)SLEEP – “Sleep is fundamental to good health both physically & mentally.”

Therefore, one of your priorities over the summer holidays should be to catch up on all that sleep you have not had during the school year. We wish our learners to make their summer vacation fun and enriching experience that will stay with them for years to come.

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