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Sunita’s Makerspace- A Passion Driven Place to Explore

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The 12th of October is a Red Letter Day for all Gajerians, because it is on this day that Late Trustee Mrs. Sunita Chunibhai Gajera was born. Every year, her birthday is celebrated as Maker’s Day to celebrate innovation, creativity and collaboration in arts, culture, business and sports. This year, to commemorate her birthday, our learners took part in an activity and produced works of art on the spot using scrap materials.

In the learner’s hands, induced by creativity, scrap materials collected as entry fee as part of Maker’s Day celebrations on 7 October, came to life.

Learners brainstormed on the spot and put shape and matter to their ideas in about an hour. Waste paper became dolls and roses; discarded CDs became flowers; caps of disposable bottles became logos; lids of bottles became a drum set. Proving the belief that creativity works in strange ways, some of our learners converted keys of thrown-away keyboards to leaves of a tree showing the limitless uses of one object. They showed that we are limited only by our creativity or the lack of it.

Though it was not a competition, learners went the whole nine yards to show that one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. We are sure that the original owners would be amazed when they see their trash adorning the walls or cupboards as works of art. Maybe, they will try it themselves next time, and bask in the boundless joy of creation.

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