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Susa Art Fiesta 2023: Day 1

The Susa art festival kicked off today at Gajera Global School with a traditional lamp-lighting ceremony to inaugurate the event. The Surat Unaided School Association (SUSA), a non-governmental organization that represents self-financed schools in Surat, organized the event. The association focuses on consulting, improving, uplifting, and benefiting both students and educators, with the goal of improving the quality of education in Surat and encouraging students to reach their full potential.

After the lamp-lighting ceremony, the school's principal, Mrs. Shweta Parihar, gave a welcoming note and a special guest, Mr. Kapil Dev Shukla, a writer, director, and actor well-known for his 2019 Gujarati movie Chasani, also said a few words. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Pramod Chaudhuri, the Trustee of Tapti Valley International School and President of the SUSA.

The competitions were held in three categories: Under 10, Under 14, and Under 19, with the contestants in the under 14 age category starting first, followed by under 10 and under 19. The competitions included mono-acting and group songs, with the contestants and judges moving to different venues for the respective competitions. A total of 278 learners from 19 schools participated in the competition on the first day, out of which contestants took part in the mono-act competition. The others participated in the group singing competition.

After the competitions, the winners were announced with the first prize going to one school, the second prize going to another, and the third prize going to a third school. The event organizers also expressed their gratitude to everyone who made the event a success and a special vote of thanks was given to the judges who helped make the event successful.

The event also saw the felicitation of chief guest Mr. Kapil Dev Shukla and the esteemed judges, Mr. Vimal D. Shah, a singer, pianist, and a whistler, Mr. Gaurang Patel, a Sangeet Upantya Visharad in Harmonium and Sangeet Praveshika Purn in Tabla and Mr. Bharat Bhatt, former principal of a school in Surat and Mrs. Bhairavi Rangat Athawale with a small token of appreciation.

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