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Talent Hunt 2022

Gajera Global School organised one of the most successful events of the year today. It was the Talent Hunt, which we have every year. This year, more than one hundred students participated in it and showed their skills in various fields. Some showed their skills with the word, some others with colours, some with their voices and some others with their techno savviness. In a few competitions, the judges found it quite hard to decide whom to award. We invited judges from other schools and fields to make the competition free and fair and clear of any prejudice.

We organised the hunt to give learners a chance and a platform to show off their individual talents. As expected, the assembly area came to life when students performed. Music naturally attacted quite a healthy interest.

The quiet ones sat in the library juggling with words. The ones good with colours and pictures let their imagination out in some other room. The intensity of their interest was palpable when we took a round of the school. These skills will one day help them stay ahead of the competition.

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