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Talk Show @GGS Artificial Intelligence: Current Trends & Future Scope

You are browsing the internet and a window pops up saying that you need to take a particular medicine because you are ill. You are furious but ignore the message. It pops up repeatedly telling you to take preventive actions. Now you are curious, make an appointment with your doctor. To your surprise, that pop up window was right. You do have that illness. How come some medicine company came to know about what is happening in your body, even before you knew it.

Welcome to the future. To be precise, welcome to artificial intelligence. Using algorithms and codes companies can read your buying behavior and can deduce what changes are occurring inside your body even before you are aware of it. For example, by keeping track of the browsing behavior of a person who visits the health section in a supermarket or an online shopping site, businesses can predict what you need and position themselves in the market.

To talk about the possibilities of AI in preventive care and diseases, Dr Mayuri Mehta was invited to Gajera Global School today. At present Dr Mehta is n experienced data scientist who has three patents to her name. Interacting with the students, she said that data science and machine learning can help prolong our life by helping prevent diseases, long before they attack us. However, this can raise privacy issues also and proper policies should be put in place, she said.

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