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Tribute to a Mother

Today, members of the Gajera Trust paid their tribute to Late Sunita Chunnibhai Gajera on the first anniversary of her death last year. As a mark of respect to the departed soul, a prayer meeting was organized at the school assembly. This was followed by observing silence for two minutes.

Late Sunitaben Chunnibhai Gajera inspired confidence and respect from all through her simplicity and humility despite coming from a family such as Gajera. In fact, her humility and creativity are the hallmarks by which we know her. With every meeting that we had with her, we were filled with more respect for her.

On every festival and event, she would spend time with us and with her characteristic simplicity, she would make us feel loved and blessed. Late Sunita Ma'am was also well known for her creative abilities. In her leisure, she used to doodle. It was one of her doodles that has been adopted as the logo for Sunita's Makerspace.

Today, remembering all the time we had together, we pay tribute to the departed soul. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

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