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Unprecedented. Unseen. Unimaginable "2020"

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

The hammer shatters glass but hardens steel.

This year has hammered us all. Some succumbed, some survived. But whatever the statistics, there's something that has never given in and never will, the human spirit that has weathered many a tempest. It has hardened us even more.

This time round, we've conquered corona. Through these months, we've had a bumpy ride. But the most positive aspect of the crisis is that we've learnt a lot. We've become more techno-savvy, more creative, more collaborative and more independent. Now we've become expert time managers and multi-taskers juggling between work and home. And these skills, I know for sure, will stand us in good stead.

As we embrace the upcoming year 2021, let us all be positive and cheery with shining spirits and aspiration for the future. We have already learnt about the power and potential of collaboration and technology . As educators, I hope you remember the lessons learnt in these trying times and I wish you to relish your journey because until now, we've read about crises only in history books. But this year, we ourselves have been a part of it. I know you'll have one tall tale to tell your grandchildren. So collect your moments of joy, of trials, of struggles, of fear, of hope and of success and let them be the pillars of strength for coming generations.

So, let us embrace the new year with much needed hopes and happiness.

Wishing you all joy, love, peace & success in this year!


Ms. Shweta Parihar

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