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Unseen but Priceless

A father's contribution to our lives is unseen yet priceless. We mostly see them as bread earners who are mostly absent. Well, that's the traditional view. The roles are reversing now. To celebrate the contribution of these wonderful men, learners of GGS celebrated the day with a sports meet. They jousted for three winner’s spot in badminton, carrom, chess and table tennis.

The meet brought around 215 sportsmen that had been lying dormant in them. Today they let it out in its full energy. They did not let their age come on the way of their performance.

To celebrate their fathers’ contribution, learners paid a musical tribute to with a song and dance performance. The tribute was for those heroes without capes who pamper then with love, scold them with their eyes, and sometimes bore them with their dad jokes. Friends at times, philosophers all the time, and guides until the end of time, their blessings will always propel us to excellence.

They perfectly complement the soft touch that mothers have for us and our personality development. We salute you on this day again, dear fathers. We celebrate you everyday, but today is more special because it's a dedication to you.

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