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Virtual farewell party for grade X learners

A Bientot

Finally, on 11 May, we bid farewell to the most unusual batch of the school. Unusual because it is the only batch that has been promoted without exams. It's the only tenth batch that attended everything online---classes, activities, celebrations, exams, and today, the farewell. It was one of the best batches our educators worked with. Be it academics or co-curricular activities, it was a batch that gave its best and did the best.

Though they have now crossed over to a new world, the time we spent together will stay with us as memories. A thousand admonitions, the countless minutes, and the numerous instructions will stay with us. For us they are learning experiences, for the fun-filled days. From the time spent together, both the school and the learners have become stronger and better.

We pray that they excel in whatever calling they choose for themselves. We have shown them the best way we could. Now walking it is up to them. While walking on the path they decide for themselves, they will find numerous lanes and bye-lanes. If they've learned well, they'll know which road to take. If the road they take leads them to their goals, we’ll consider ourselves successful as educators and their guides. If not, we’re always available to lend a hand.

Good luck.

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