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Webinar on "Advancing well-being through sustainable education"

Webinar on "Advancing well-being through sustainable education" by Mr Peter Phillips and Dr Nicolene Preez from Open Flow Learning Centre Bali, Indonesia

Green Prosperity

Tell me why you go to hill stations or maybe places full of greenery. You go there because you want to give your body, and more particular, your mind some good rest.

Now imagine a situation when you needn't go anywhere to relax and to soothe your nerves. Imagine your surroundings, wherever that may be, are green and cool. The entire year feels like spring, no summer, no winter, only pleasant weather when you feel at the peak of your energy and creativity.

Or better still, imagine a school where learners read, write and create in the lap of nature—birds chirping, streams burbling, bees buzzing and natural-born fiddlers called crickets chirping other males away from the vicinity. Or imagine learners drinking off a bamboo stalk with one end collecting spring water. Sounds improbable? Well, Napoleon Hill said ‘what the mind can conceive, it can achieve. This is a dream that Peter Phillips and Dr Nicolene Perez had when they started working on a green school project. They made their dreams come true with this project. At present, this school is one of the premier schools to have started this concept of sustainable education for balanced progress.

Today, Mr Phillips and Dr Perez showed us how all these can be achieved even within a limited budget. They showed how small creative acts in the kitchen, in the living room, on the road and in the classroom can create a sustainable society where the coming generation may not have to worry about resources running out and the world plunging into apocalyptic darkness. With all of Surat attending the session, it is hoped that someone somewhere will take some concrete steps to make things green. We are with them for sure. In fact, we can guide and help anyone who is radical enough to implement any of the solutions put forward by Mr Phillips and Dr Perez.

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