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Why you need a mentor

Why do you think you come to school? You could buy all the books and read at home, can’t you? If just needed knowledge, you could acquire it anywhere. Well, because at school, you have gurus and coaches directing you to excel in whatever you choose to do.

It's for the same reason that your exercise equipment is accumulating dust due to disuse. All those motivational videos of well-built instructors induced you to buy all the expensive tools, but you couldn’t do it consistently. You didn't have a coach or a guru.

To show our gratitude to these coaches and gurus who work like a beacon and lead us on our path to enlightenment and knowledge, we celebrate guru Purnima every year. To make them feel special learners of grades 10th and 12th at GGS threw a surprise for the educators today. They showered their gurus with love and respect and sought their blessings. They greeted to educators when they stepped into the school premises with flowers and tilak.

Learners of 1st through 5th made the day special by organising a special assembly for the educators. The tiny tots came dressed in traditional attire littering the floor with a rainbow of colours. Traditions and celebrations like these strengthen the bind between the learner and the educator.

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