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Winter Wonderland @GGS

Updated: Jan 12

Learners of the prep grades took part in an exciting event at our school. Called Winter

Wonderland @GGS, it was a great opportunity for them to learn about various aspects of winter, both in India and around the world. The wonderland was a fun way to integrate topics across subjects taught in the classroom. One of the themes of the event was winter clothing. The learners were introduced to different types of winter garments, such as jackets, boots, and hats, and how they are designed to keep us warm in cold weather.

They also learned about the importance of layering in order to maintain an optimal body temperature. Another topic that was covered was migratory birds. The learners were shown pictures and videos of different birds that migrate to India during the winter months. They learned about the different factors that influence bird migration, such as food availability and changes in temperature. In addition to learning about winter animals, the learners also learned about winter fruits in India. They were introduced to a variety of seasonal fruits, such as oranges, pomegranates, and apples, and how these fruits are grown and harvested during the winter months.

Another interesting aspect of the Winter Wonderland event was the opportunity for learners to see how coal and firewood were used to cook in the old times. They were shown a demonstration of how these traditional cooking methods work and were able to taste some delicious dishes that were prepared using these methods, such as bajri rotla and jaggery.

The Winter Wonderland event was a fantastic learning experience for the prep learners at our school. It was a great opportunity for them to learn about a variety of winter-related topics and to see how these concepts can be integrated into their everyday lives. The learners were able to make connections between different subjects, such as science, history, and culture, and gained a deeper understanding of the world around them. Parents also visited the premises and took part in the activities.

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