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Workshop on AI - Encoding Techniques

How to Read Minds Using Codes

Fuzzy logic, NLP, R, TensorFlow, Apache—if you knew what they are, congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to becoming a developer. If you didn’t know, they are software that help you control some of the repetitive tasks. And better still, they read your mind. Well, almost.

They tell you what a prospective customer may want to buy in the near future & what they may watch in the next hour. Depending on the results spewed out by lines of codes, you may target your advertising at the right buyer.

These software are so advanced that by sifting through numerous bills that you paid in the past few months, they can accurately tell you that you are pregnant, or a diabetic or a lawyer or a fitness coach.

Using these tools, companies collect data about you so that they may get more bang out of the buck they spend on advertisement. Now suppose you master some of the software mentioned above in the beginning. You’ll become almost a seer.

To introduce the young learners of GGS to artificial intelligence and machine learning, Ms. Shefali Kholwadwala, our mentor who likes to tinker with codes and machines, conducted an online workshop today. She explained the basics of the concepts to our eager learners who could not contain their excitement. Learners were seen taking notes and asking questions showing their high level of interest. Learners of Katargam and Utran also joined the workshop to understand these concepts. We hope that by the time they leave school, they will have learnt quite a few tricks of the trade and set up a career in coding.

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