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Workshop on “VAK Model of Communication"

Everyone learns in a different way. Reading is beneficial to some people, while listening, doing, and watching videos are beneficial to others. Most of us use a combination of these learning styles, and as educators, we may use a range of methods and approaches to help our learners learn what we want them to learn.

Auro University's Dr. Monika Suri educated educators on how to apply the VAK Model of Communication in the classroom and in everyday life. Educators from the Gajera Trust's Gajera International School (Katargam) & Gajera International School (Utran) participated in the session, which took place on September 14th.

She talked at length about the VAK model (Visual, auditory, kinesthetic) model, while stressing that no learner has a fixed style of learning. Depending on the topic at hand, one may use a combination of these different learning styles. For example, using a map while studying history engages both the visual and the kinesthetic processes, facilitating learning and retention.

The session was interspersed with activities and interactions to keep the attendees on their toes. The topic being inherently interesting, attendees took an active part throughout the session.

Her suggestions for identifying the dominant learning type would be extremely useful to educators as skill-transfer requires a sound understanding of the learners’ mind and attitudes. We hope to have her with us again in future.

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