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World Computer Literacy Day @GGS

When Paul Allen and Bill Gates set the goal of “a computer on every desk and in every home”, people laughed and thought it was crazy. Guess who’s laughing now. In the past decades it has become a reality. It is now that ubiquitous device without which work just comes to a standstill. With this it is becoming so easily available and essential, learning how to use it safely and effectively has become all the more imperative. To understand the implications of using it right and safe, learners of Gajera Global School held a session today in which learners Ipshita Singh, Dhruti Bodarya & Pruvil Dethaliya of grade 9th while Nirja Patel & Meet Kotadiya of grade 8th made a presentation on how to keep oneself safe. Later in the session, they had a quiz on the topic to reinforce the ideas learnt. They learnt that the practice of celebrating 2nd December as World Computer Literacy Day was started by Indian computer giant NIIT in 2001.

Following the presentation by the above mentioned learners, other students had a peer to peer discussion the topic. They helped each other with ways and means to use computers effectively and safely. They discussed how children in particular need to guard against stalkers and cyber bullies. In under cover of anonymity, criminals and sociopaths can wreak havoc on young and impressionable minds. They discussed on how to keep them at bay. They were particularly intrigued by learning about the strength of their passwords on a website. For many it came as a shock that their passwords could be cracked in seconds. Some others reveled at the strength of theirs. Considering the ubiquitous nature of the device, sessions like this have become vital to keep our children safe and sound yet techno savvy.

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