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World Food Day-2022

Learners of Gajera Global School celebrated World Food Day today and made breakfast as part of the celebrations. The activity was conducted to make learners understand the need for a healthy breakfast. They also learnt why food should not be wasted as millions of people around the world still cannot afford healthy food, which puts them at risk of malnutrition and food insecurity.

The activity was meant as a way to instill love and respect for food and take some time to think about the extremely poor who reside in rural areas around the world, many of whom depend on agriculture and natural resources for a living. The significance of farmers in society and the reasons we should defend them were also taught to the students. With their contribution, can we live a wholesome and equitable existence with better nutrition and a healthier environment.

All the dishes prepared yesterday were flameless. The ingredients were precooked so that learners could spend more time using all their creativity in creating the dishes. They served their dishes to all the educators and other staff members at school.

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