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Mst. Saket Merai - GGS Young Innovator

Master Saket Merai, a learner of the seventh grade at Gajera Global School brought honour and pride to the city and to the school when he was awarded the title of “Young Innovator 2020” for his project of devising a wireless power transfer device to minimise loss in transmission. About two thousand projects were submitted by learners of schools all over India out of which only fifty made it to the final selection. Total 6 projects of learners named Master Nachiket Patel (grade VI), Aditanan Bhagat (grade VI), Aryan Ghadavi (grade VI), Dhruti Bodarya (grade IX), Ipshita Singh (grade IX) were selected for the CIF Semi-final round. All the learners were mentored by Ms. Shefali Kholwadwala of the department of 3D Robotics at Gajera Global School.

The competition was jointly launched by GUSEC and UNICEF on the occasion of World Children’s Day on 20th November to inspire youngsters to use their critical thinking and problem-solving talents to bring innovation. The CIF intended to scout and guide youth between the ages of 13 and 18 years old as they cut their way into the entrepreneurial ecosystem, in line with its conviction that "you can't place an age limit on invention."

In the future Master Saket Merai wants to work to reduce Reliance on fossil fuels and promote usage of renewable energy. He thanked the entire GGS team to instil creativity, problem solving attitude and environmental awareness in him.

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