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Young Innovators of GGS

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

We are surrounded by knowledge and information. Connecting the dots through this maze of information leads us to insight and synthesizing them leads to innovation and creativity.

A few young minds of Gajera Global School did exactly that by finding solutions to problems in different fields. Their innovative ideas were shortlisted in the Children’s Innovation Festival held by GUSEC in collaboration with UNICEF to identify, nurture and support ideas and innovations of children.

Five ideas submitted by our learners made it to the list of 200 shortlisted submissions from all over the country.

Fifth grader Nachiket Patel made it to the list with his idea of

three-in-one Covid-19 safety attendance system which can measure temperature, take

attendance and dispense sanitizer, all in a self-contained unit.

Sixth grader Saket Merai impressed the selectors with his idea of wireless power using which,

the use of wires can be minimized leading to a cut down in power lost in transmission.

Aryan Gadhvi

of the 6th grade submitted his idea of a smart trolley that will take

shoppers to the

right aisle, removing the need of a shopping list.

Dhruti Bodarya of grade 8th has this innovative idea of a bed-wetting alert system which can be a

boon for physically challenged people, patients suffering from nocturnal enuresis (inability to

control the flow of urine and involuntary urination).

Ipshita Singh of the 8th grade

came up with

the idea of a pH monitoring system for milk distributors and vendors.

With a genuine concern for others and a bit of creativity, newer ideas can be found around us—this is what these young minds have shown once again.

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